``Swap Your Pants`` is our Online Nutrition Academy that will give you real tools to use when-ever, where-ever, and for-ever. It is not a dumb diet nor a 21-day cleanse. Real food swaps. Real strategies for when and what to eat. Real life.

What is Involved?

Swap Your Pants is not a quick fix, it is not a diet program, and it will not provide you a cookie cutter meal plan for instant weight loss. It's an online academy, housed in a private group on Facebook. The more active you are, the more you will get out of the program. You are unique and your mind, body and soul is unique. Health in an investment, not an expense, and we get healthy to lose weight. We do not lose weight to get healthy. It does not have to be as difficult as you may have convinced yourself. One swap. HUGE win!

Swap Your Pants is going to provide you with tools that you can put in your craftsman like tool box that will last forever, just like a screwdriver lasts forever. As you gain tools through life, you can apply them when needed and where they are applicable. Swap Your Pants is going to teach you nutritional tools like how to read food labels, so that you are empowered to be able to choose a product anywhere you go in life.

Resources provided will include plenty of pictures of products, well researched pdf guides (authored by experts including myself), podcast suggestions that have been vetted for appropriate application to a topic/product, youtube videos to further your learning (completely optional), and regular access to an expert and licensed psychologist - SunshineKelly Moore.

The tools provided can be used can used when-ever, where-ever, and for-ever. If you are ready to escape the typical 28 day diet program and a life of restriction, then you are ready to invest in your health on a way to wellness.

Here's what we'll cover during the online academy:

Swap Outs - Budget friendly, Where to find them, helpful links for online purchase if desired
Plate Portions - What should go on your plate in terms of carbs/fats/proteins
Sugar - You're addicted, we all have been at some point. Learn how to become a fat burner vs. a sugar burner.
Reading Ingredient Labels - It is not the front of the package that matters, it is the back.
Shopping Guides - Where is the best price for Coconut Aminos? Receive more than a just a list of foods you have never heard of or do not know where to buy for the best price. Receive pictures of foods and products (where to get them at the best price), videos at actual stores like Meijer, Kroger, Cosco, and Aldi so you know where to find these items, and video guides and screenshots from online shopping providers like thrive market and amazon subscribe and save.
Eating Out - How to order, where to go, what to say, and a basic order to use anywhere.
iCloud Album - It works like a website that will house the product pictures, so that you can reference them when actually shopping. You do not have to remember each product - that's unreasonable.
Time Saving Techniques - I am the process queen and have mastered a few things to expedite every day life processes. Let me help you plan, prepare, and perform for your day.

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Swap the pants that are not serving you
and gain tools to put in your toolbox to use
when-ever, where-ever, and for-ever!

Frequent Questions
1. Online Facebook Academy – participate anywhere
2. Going on vacation – Log on anywhere
3. ā€œIā€™m busy.ā€ – You know we all are
4. Insert objection, you can still participate šŸ™‚