“I Am Strong!”

At Sunshine Fitness Company, you aren’t joining a gym, you’re becoming a member of the FitFam! Our all-inclusive VIP memberships give you full access to our entire suite of services!

Whenever we hear the word “problem” in life, we immediately replace it with the word “challenge.” Problem implies that there is no solution. Problem implies a negative outlook. “Challenge,” on the other hand, implies a positive outlook and an opportunity for a solution. “Challenge” implies an opportunity to be resilient and resourceful and, if you are, you will find the solution.

“A 21 Day Challenge” suggests 21 Days of Problems. We at Sunshine Fitness Company are not here to offer you 21 days of problems. Here at Sunshine Fitness Company, we are here to give you the solution to the challenge. We are not going to offer you a 21 day challenge, we are not going to offer you the problem. Rather, we are going to offer you the solution – and the solution starts not with 21 days, not with five days, but with one. A one day agreement, where you agree to move your body or you agree to participate in a conversation about nutrition (which ever you feel ready for first).

As humans we tend to have an all or nothing mindset. We tend to want to go all in all at once. Then it becomes so overwhelming so quickly that we just quit because we didn’t do it perfectly.  We couldn’t go all in – you know why? Because that’s a problem.
You want to plan?  We design it.  You want accountability?  We demand it.  You want results? We deliver them.
Our memberships are tailored to fit YOU.  By answering a few questions, we can make a recommendation for the membership that best fits your life, goal and budget.

Vacation/Injury/Leave of Absence: Unlike the cable bill you still have to pay for even if you are away from home, you can take Sunshine Fitness Company LLC, with you out of town. There will be options for both live online workouts as well as pre recorded videos with a team member of Sunshine Fitness Company LLC, as your Instructor.

Every week, we want to check in with you to answer your questions, check on the form of a move, find out about your family, ask you how you are doing emotionally, and check off a few boxes that are getting you closer to your goals. You’ll schedule your session on the Mindbody app, and the call will be held via Zoom/Facebook/Facetime.

Fitness  *  Food  *  Feelings

“Swap Your Pants” is an Online Nutrition Academy that will give you real tools to use when-ever, where-ever, and for-ever. It is not a dumb diet, nor a 21-day cleanse. Real food swaps. Real strategies for when and what to eat. Real life.

SYP is conducted online inside of a closed facebook group – members only. Delivering success and health to our clients since 2018, the program sets you up for long term success. Even the first members of “Swap Your Pants” have shared that they are still applying the knowledge learned to have continued health wins. Health does not stop and neither does the value of what Swap Your Pants continues to offer every single day.

“Onboarding,” can be thought of as personalized coaching, as we will cocreate a plan that is in alignment with YOUR personal goals, that is tailored to YOUR personal body and that is scaled to YOUR personal lifestyle. We realize that we do not have to do this, but we want you to know how important you are to us and that you matter.
Zoom/Facebook with your personal coach to identify your individual goals and co-create a plan to thoughtfully and successfully achieve them. Mindbody labels this session as a “registration fee.” We have drastically reduced the price of this first onboarding session, as it is pivotal to your overall success.
You want to plan? We design it. You want accountability? We demand it. You want results? We deliver them.

“I Am Strong!”

We welcome you in all forms, from one day to the next. Happy or sad, showered or not, no make up, basketball shorts from twenty years ago, emotional guilt from the entire pizza you just ate last night – whatever. We gotchu.